How do I participate?

  • Sunday, Mar 14, 2021

How do I participate in the Challenge?

First, be sure to register as soon as possible, as capacity is limited. You may register for the initial challenge, the follow-on challenges, and the forum discussion in any combination.

Once registered, you should receive a confirmation email with a ticket identifier. Keep this; you’ll need it to access the challenge’s “world” site in your browser.

At the time of the event, simply return to this site, click the “attend” link, and click “attend the online vaccine distribution challenge event.” You will be taken to a page with further instructions. (A link to the page for attendees will also be provided in the confirmation email).

Please note: the challenge takes place entirely online; however, the interactive “world” we use will open a video chat with anyone who is near your avatar, just as if you were within speaking distance in real life. Please prepare yourself as you would for an in-person meeting in public, and consider what will be visible in your surroundings to your camera.