Launching The 2021 Herd Vaccine Distribution Challenge...

  • Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021

Get Ready

Welcome! Please take a moment to be sure that you are prepared.

  1. You should have your ticket number, which was included in your confirmation email after registration.

  2. This is an online event. Please:

    • Check here that your connection speed is greater than 60 Mbps. If you have a slower connection, try moving to a wired connection rather than wireless (that is, plug an ethernet cable into your computer); this has a substantial effect on connection speed. If a wired connection is not possible, try moving closer to your wireless gateway.

    • Close any resource intensive programs on your computer. Games, Slack, browsers with many tabs open, and graphics editors are all examples of programs that can interfere with performance in the world.

    • Consider wearing headphones, and muting yourself when not speaking. There are many people and videos making noise in the event!

  3. You should also be prepared for your video camera and microphone to turn on when you come near other participants. Please remove from your surroundings anything that might be a distracting noise or sight to others.

  4. To move in the world, use your arrow keys. This is all you need to participate in the challenge. More advanced interactions are also possible:

    • You can use the shift key in combination with the arrows to move faster.

    • To zoom out and view the map, you can press the control key and the minus key together; to zoom back in you can press the control key and the plus key together. Please note that it is best to walk around at 100% zoom, as notifications become difficult to see when “zoomed out.” If you do zoom out, we recommend doing so only to see where you want to go, and to zoom in again before moving.

  5. If something unexpected happens to your character (the code is far from perfect, so this does happen), a last resort is to simply refresh the webpage. This will make you respawn on the map, but often fixes minor bugs. For more persistent problems, please reach out to the team on HerdChat, or find us in-world.

All set?

Go 🚀🚀🚀

See the email with your ticket identifier for your link to the event.